The new generation of flavoring straws. Coming soon!

A new brand emerged from a new vision and mission. Launching soon in collaboration with innovative and creative companies.

And a new way of bringing better being to families and beyond

 This new brand will be announced soon. With a greater commitment to "bring better being" to the family and beyond, the new flavoring straws will be better in every way! We hope that our vision will change yours, the way you feel about them, and the way you purchase them. We are working with retailers to create meaningful programs that will e believe you will fully support and embrace. We are also incorporating the latest health and functional ingredients, flavors, and a lot more "feel good" in every straw. We are incredibly excited to introduce a new overarching brand of flavoring straws to the market, in partnerships with iconic brands and companies to deliver a new experience with an familiar product. We're just as excited about the new company launching them. Through these unique partnerships and great people, we will deliver on a broader vision, better products and a powerful mission. So please stay tuned and check back frequently as this site is temporary while our new brand and corporate web site is being developed. Remember to enter your email address below for updates, news, and to be notified when our new site is up - and where to find it. We'll also keep you posted on where you can purchase the new generation of flavoring straws first! 

The new flavoring and functional straws will give you more


We’re not just adding new flavors, we're adding flavor to our brand in meaningful, and entirely new ways. This is will be the most exciting line of flavor straws you've ever had. 


We’re launching our new water straws too. You’re going to love what we’re doing with these, and who we are partnering with. 


We are partnering with some of the biggest companies in the world to help innovate and incorporate the latest health, wellness and functional ingredients in our straws. Through great brand collaborations, people and partnerships, we will deliver real innovation, and create a straw for everyone to enjoy. All of our straws will be earth friendly and made with natural ingredients. Flavoring straws aren’t just for kids anymore, they’re growing up and we'll continue providing healthy flavor and fun to families, and now beyond, as we take the old flavoring straw to a new level.  


All flavoring straws work the same way...Just Dip & Sip

But not all straws are the same. So what are we changing, and why?

That’s what we’re so excited to unveil. Driven by a new mission and new brand partnerships, we will be committed to continuously improve in every way. Milk flavoring straws were first launched in the 1950s. There have been several brands and variations since. Today you can find milk flavoring  straws in thousands of stores throughout the country. Now there will be a new brand with a greater vision, and through a series of partnerships, collaborations, and innovation, 2019 will be the year flavoring straws begin to evolve. 

Fun fact. The original Flav-R straws were made with a paper filament inside of a paper straw.

More facts, the story, and the history of milk flavoring straws coming soon to

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Another reminder that a new web site is coming soon and this one will disappear, so make sure you enter your email here. We’ll keep you posted on the latest jive. We'll notify you when the new site is live. Get ready - there's a new generation of flavoring and functional straws about to arrive!