From the individual who created the original got milk?® Flavoring Straws

A new generation of milk and water flavoring straws are launching soon, under a whole new brand with a brand new mission!

And a whole new way of bringing better being to families!

The new brand of straws will be better in many ways, from health and functional benefits to more flavor, in the convenient straw format that you‘re familiar with. What’s even more exciting is that we’re launching them under a whole new company that’s dedidated to bringing better being in new ways. Through unique partnerships and great people, we’ll delver on a broader vision. We can’t wait to tell you who’s jumping on board to help our mission, and what it’s all about! We‘ll be announcing it soon so stay tuned. We’re grateful for the help we‘re receiving and the great people behind this brand movement. Remember to enter your email below for updates on press, and to be notified when our brand and corporate web site is compete. 

The new flavoring and functional straws will give more

More Flavor

We’re putting more flavor in each straw and adding  exciting new ones!

More Fun

We’re launching our new water straws too, and you won’t belive what we’re doing with these!

More Function

We’re adding the latest health, wellnesss and functional ingredients to our straws. With several brands in the portfolio, and great partnerships to bring innovation, there will be a straw for anyone. All straws will still be made with all natural ingredients, and they’ll be earth friendly. Flavoring straws aren’t just for kids anymore, they’re growing up, and so are we. After more than a decade of providing flavor and fun with milk straws, we‘ve decided to act like grown ups and do our part in bringing better being to the family and beyond! Stay tuned

All flavoring straws work the same way...Just Dip & Sip

So what are we changing, and why?

That’s what we’re so excited to unveil. We have new flavors, new functions and a passion for innovation. We also have a genuine commitment to keep improving in every way. Times change and companies must change with them. Paul Henson, the creator of the original got milk?® flavoring straws, had a desire to delivet a healthier drink solution to families with young children when he created the original milk flavoring straw programs over a decade ago. Now he wants to bring better being beyond the family, using the product he spent years pioneering, to make a bigger difference - one straw at a time. 

Fun fact. The original Flav-R straws were made with a paper filament inside of a paper straw!

More facts about the history of milk flavoring straws coming soon.

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Consumers! Stay in the loop to find out about the new straw movement :-)

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